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Unix Setup Guide

Tue, August 23 2022

Simple instructions for my WSU workshop on getting started with the command line

When loading data from an api it is best practice to show a mock view of the content that is being fetched. Here is how to do that

SwiftUI3 introduced a new View allowing you to fetch and load images over the internet, here is an example on how to do that.

I built the same screen in both Flutter and SwiftUI to compare and contrast them against each other

A simple floating bottom slide up sheet implemented in Flutter using minimal packages for iOS and Android.

Flutter does not have a good way to handle this, so I implemented it. Very smooth animations with lots of control.

Login UI in Flutter

Sun, July 24 2022

The login screen based on my app Crosscheck Sports. Fluid UI and functional.

iOS has a nice flat design language, and this is an implementation of the iPad menu inside of Flutter